Our mission statement is to develop and foster a love and curiosity for the fields of science, engineering, and math through a series of fun, engaging, hands-on, yet usually difficult creative tasks. We hope to instill a sense of pride, spirit, and leadership by participating in FIRST Robotics.

High School ‘Student Community of Robotics And Programming’ (SCRAP) was founded in the fall of 2011. Our first year, we were given a NASA grant and competed in the 2012 FRC game Rebound Rumble. Rebound Rumble was a basketball game for robots where three were 4 scoring hoops.and 3 “bridges” in the middle that could be balanced on for more points. Our design consisted of a funnel that picked up balls on one and shot them out of the other. We competed at the 2012 Boston Regional at the Agganis Arena in Boston. The first season was a whole new world for the entire team, as none of us had ever done anything like it before. However,by the end of the season, we became a family.