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S.C.R.A.P.’s mission is to foster an interest for the various aspects of STEAM within our students and community through participating in enjoyable, yet challenging endeavors within the FIRST Robotics Competition and beyond, to equip them with the necessary initiative and skillset to become the world’s next leaders, engineers, CEOs, managers, writers and entrepreneurs.



Founded in the fall of 2011, Weymouth High School’s “Student Community of Robotics And Programming” (S.C.R.A.P.) is currently competing in their eighth year of competition as a FIRST Robotics Competition Team. In our first year, we received a NASA grant that allowed us to compete in the 2012 FRC season, Rebound Rumble. Since our induction, we have grown as a team and spread the message of FIRST throughout our community.In 2017, for the first time in our team’s history, we successfully qualified and competed in the District and International levels of the FIRST Robotics Competition. In 2018 we built our most technically complex robot ever, Jade, who was then surpassed in complexity the subsequent competition season by our newest robot, Jupiter.